Intellect vs. Instinct

Regardless of the temperature, all living creatures have to eat to survive. In this case I’m referring to birds, they need the source of calories and nourishment to be able to fly and complete the cycle of an avian’s life.

Every little detail in their lives has a purpose that serves toward their survival. Their instincts are programmed in their genes and they will work for the survival of the individual as well of the species collective.

When I see the birds trying their best to procure meals whether for their families or their own, despite the natural elements that hinder their best efforts such wind, rain, snow, ice etc. Myself, being human also feel the urge to help because I have more alternatives but these poor creatures are mostly motivated by an instinctive urge but with a greater disadvantage!

Making a comparison to a human being, these creatures can thrive with simply instincts. However, It so hard to comprehend that humans with so many alternatives and a limitless intellect, still struggles to thrive and has a tendency to go toward destruction instead of the opposite!

Perhaps the animals were fit for this world and  us humans were just a mere experiment!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

20 thoughts on “Intellect vs. Instinct

  1. I think with 7+ billion of us on the planet there has been some sort of success in the human species. Helping each other out, like you have done with the birds, goes a long way. Have a great weekend HJ! 😀

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