Dietary Staple Back to Normal

Well, the food crisis was over yesterday when I got plenty of seeds for my birds! Despite the cold and breeze day yesterday, it was sunny and bright. I observed  a good number of birds coming and going which is a good Indication that are strong and healthy. I keep the mode of shooting pictures at random times, to this effect it helps the sun light change the colors and tones of the backgrounds and usually makes my photos look a bit more artistic and with pleasing colors.

I have been very busy with other things that are very important and required my full attention but I always take some breaks to tend my blogs or to be in touch with my blogger friends.

This coming Saturday we will have invited some friends associates to have dinner in our home, it’s also St. Valentine Day so should be good fun to get together. With conversation, food and of course some good wine to wash it down.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


21 thoughts on “Dietary Staple Back to Normal

  1. So glad the food crisis is over, the shipment came into Sam’s…whew. Your photos today are wonderful, as always — the red on the cardinal is especially striking. Have a great weekend, HJ. 😀

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