Soup Du Jour

Remember the nicer weather that we had before? I gave you my opinion of how great invigorating time we were having… Well, forget about that because after having another great morning and early afternoon, it got windy and cloudy very fast and then we had a storm on top of us… Just like telling me to shut up!

It indeed rained and thundered, also lost connection with the Web for a while but later the storm passed and guess what? It got sunny again!

I saw many birds looking for seeds and what they found in the clay saucers was soggy seeds but that didn’t stop them from eating. In fact they finished the whole batch and once the saucers were dried I cleaned them and gave them a refill. One thing for sure, they were hungry!

Of course, like a real photographer I shot some birds eating their “soup” :). Here are some samples of them!. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

18 thoughts on “Soup Du Jour

    • Not at all! That’s what is was in the Menu…I’m there to satisfy my customers with my epicurean delights! Merci Mdm Jane! 🙂

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