Planning Trips

We are one day from the end of January. We’ve been planning where to go for our next trips. So far the result is as follows:

My wife and I decided to visit Savannah for a weekend on the first week of March. Savannah is approximately at 5 hours drive from our home. Tyler will be there with us too!

Then, one week of April in Florida for vacation would be in order. That’s when my family and I will drive to several points of the sunshine State and enjoy a bit of their tropical weather as well as other fun amenities.

Of course we will be taking lots of photographs as we usually do. So, those are our plans and we hope to have the greatest times!

Photo Gallery

Text and Photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

19 thoughts on “Planning Trips

  1. Sounds like a good plan HJ. I am trying to plan a road trip that will eventually end in Quebec. Just hoping I don’t irritate my wife too much by having to stop and take photos along the way 😊.

    • Travel is always a good idea, that’s my opinion! I like to balance the activities during the vacation, moments for fun at the beach and others for me taking pictures! It works pretty good! 🙂

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