Gusty Winds

After a couple of nice and fairly bright days, a creppy dense fog descended from the sky which in matter of hours dissipated to transform into full rain, lasting for two and a half days.

Once the rain stopped and the cloudy gray sky opened up, blue color and the sunny rays returned anxious to make us happy again.

Yesterday we woke up to a nice and bright sunny day! I for one was very pleased when I saw a bunch of birds flying around looking very lively and enjoying the sun warm embrace. But, like in many happy stories, also are peppered with factors that can ruin a happy moment.

A cool gusty wind began pushing to the East, it continued for a while until I realized that it was cold all over again!

Our good weather had returned to the wintery uncomfortable cold. We are back to wearing sweaters.

Of course I had some time to shoot some pictures for my dear readers, I hope you enjoy them too!

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

24 thoughts on “Gusty Winds

    • Their grip is tremendous! One time I saw a Northern Mockingbird blown off from the deck’s handrail to the floor by a gust of wind! Thank you Lisa! 🙂

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