Simply Words…


Short Story – Fiction


     It is winter in London, the weather has been rough this
year with very low temperatures and  large quantities of snow,
in comparison to last year's winter of 2050 which was totally mild.
It’s still preferable and better that being living in the International Mars Colony where temperatures are ten times colder than is here on Earth. Robert is in his flat talking to Eva...

He said in soft voice – I don’t know what would I do without you Eva. The city is almost paralyzed with the snow blocking the streets, we got another foot of snow last night! The cleaning crews and equipment are not sufficient to clear the roads and streets, people are not able to go to work and that is not good!. By now Robert’s voice has changed to an annoyed tone.

He continued talking – The new Governor of London is doing a lousy job, we elected him hoping for a change from the old methods, just imagine how was life here before with Monarchy and all. Eva just listened and when he stopped talking Eva said – Robert, my opinion is that you shouldn’t be so worried about politicians or any of the government’s agendas. The things that we should worry about are, trying to earn a bit more money to pay some of the bills that are about due payment or be will be late soon. Especially the energy bill which the government controls. Electricity, gas and water are very important when the weather is harsh. And you know… for other important reasons too!. Besides, the government will not allow you to owe them late bills. The new rules for energy are extremely strict, you should know that well.

Robert nodded and said – You’re right my dear, it’s just that being cooped up in the flat instead of being in my office working makes me really cranky! I love so you much Eva, my life would not be worth living if I didn’t have you with me! She immediately responded – I love you too Robert, you are all I want for myself, perhaps I may sound selfish or too possessive but it’s the truth!

Robert smiled and gently said – My dear Eva, you understood me when I told you about my failed marriage with Carol, you helped me when I almost went crazy because my marriage was over and my pride was hurt, worst of all, not being able to see my son Eric because of her!.You helped me get through the bitter divorce for two years and helped me recover from being a failed man, I realized that you were always there for me! Now that Eric and his mother are living in South Africa still bothers me, you know that the judge forbids me to see him in person! Ordering to only use the view-phone is not the same! That is if Carol allows him to talk to me!. Some divorce laws have become totally ridiculous!

Eva interjected. -Listen to me, Robert, I’m here for you and I will never leave you! Even if you’d want to move to the Mars Colony I would have gladly gone with you. I would never cheat on you or humiliate you in any way. I love you more than my own existence. I want you to know that, keep that in mind always!

Robert nodded  and opened his heart to Eva -Yes my darling! Thank you! I know and I believe everything that you just told me, remember don’t ever leave me, I don’t know if I could live without you!

There was a buzz at the door, Robert glanced at the small security TV screen by the door and saw a man wearing a blue thermic coat holding a metallic briefcase in his hand standing in the lobby. Robert recognized the logo on the coat and spoke to the screen the command: -Open door_ Come in!

Robert opened the door of the flat and the guy entered, he then said – What a mess outside!  The snow is all piled up! You’re lucky that I got the assignment because I live just 2 blocks from here! So I just walked!.

The guy put the metallic briefcase on the floor. He pulled a pc-tablet and read the notes for his job instructions and asked Robert -Did you call for an early Preventive Maintenance  test for an EVA-3065X computer unit?

© HJ Ruiz

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