Penguins: The Ultimate Guide

Penguins: The Ultimate Guide – Book Review

 By Authors: Tui De Roy, Mark Jones and Julie Cornthwaite.

“It was almost immediate that I got very impressed with this guide, when I saw the first few images. I’m a photographer and I’d have to admit that I felt envious about all the outstanding images and breathtaking shots of the penguins shown in this book.

Click on image for more information

Click on image for more information

Page after page of a clever layout, where you can easily read important information, pertinent descriptions with precise in-detail interesting data about each of the species, showing what penguin’s life is all about_ in land, ice and even underwater. Let’s not forget the superb photos, high-quality photographs that illustrate this guide. The 400 pictures which accompany the important text  bring the readers as close as they can be to each of the 18 species that we have in the world. At times these photographs make you feel as if you were surrounded by the penguins. An extraordinary task for the authors to do their research in such harsh locations-habitats where these birds live around the Globe. I will definitely recommend this guide for anyone that wishes to know more about the penguins!”

Review written by H.J. Ruiz – – January 9th, 2015


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