Simply Words…


Storming Concerto

Rain drops are beginning to fall, the silence is broken, the air and ground seem alive! The stormy musical concerto set the prelude at staccato tempo followed by energico , the thunder percussion sets the forte mood with powerful timbals and tremolo cellos sustaining the resounding echo, then there’s a pause and the wind begins the polyphony from adagio to allegro_ piccolos whistle their highest notes. Intrepid xylophones vibrate their sound in crescendo…then climax is reached ensuing the intensity to pianissimo andante fading to a sudden rest. The rainwater runs on the ground with gurgling sound rushing through as being chased by the drumming of the heavier rain drops. Flashes of light illuminate brilliantly, the grand performance continues, then the clouds move away… the sequence transposition of notes indicates the in crescendo distance few last phrases are heard then winding down to a triumphant finale.  The Divine Maestro vows!

Note: Before dawn on Sunday, we had a tremendous storm in our area, which delivered large amounts of rain, causing floods. The violent storm  came accompanied by exploding thunders that shook the house. The worst part of the storm lasted like one hour, since we have had rain for the past four days. Sunday morning I went out to look at the creek and I saw the brook full and furiously fast like I haven’t seen it in years! Hence the Storm Concerto that I wrote. This “Simply Words…” will be a regular post weekly.

Thanks! – H.J.

© HJ Ruiz

32 thoughts on “Simply Words…

  1. Re.: “Storming Concerto” Remarkable! I could “hear” the music as I read this – and imagined the full impact of nature’s energetic, powerful performance. M 🙂 🙂
    Additionally, I believe the windy, passage of the strong cold front currently free-falling the temperature here in NJ, may have been related to the storm you described. M

    • Thanks M. the worst will be hitting your area soon! I’m glad that I moved out of NJ. I got tired of the harsh weather.
      I had to do something about the storm so I tried to convey it to the readers in a different way that would not sound like a Weather Report. Bundle up my friend! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Neha! It came to my mind to translate the storm into musical terms words to describe it. Apparently it worked! 🙂

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