Tricolored Heron

Another handsome bird that I photographed in Florida during my last vacation is the Tricolor Heron. Most of these wader birds are very elusive and great masters of camouflaging with the surroundings, sometime they are very close to you and you aren’t able to see them until they move. I have a trained eye for birds and I’ve learned to scan with my eyes and spot birds by the movement of plants, leaves or brush. Next is a bit more information so you’ll be able to have a better idea of this handsome bird.

The Tricolored Heron (Egretta tricolor) It is a resident breeder from the Gulf states of the USA and northern Mexico south through Central America and the Caribbean to central Brazil and Peru. There is some post-breeding dispersal to well north of the nesting range.

Tricolored heron’s breeding habitat is sub-tropical swamps. It nests in colonies, often with other herons, usually on platforms of sticks in trees or shrubs. In each clutch, 3–7 eggs are typically laid.

This species measures from 22 to 30 inches long and has a wingspan of 38 inches. The slightly larger male heron weighs 14.6 oz. on average, while the female averages 11.8 oz). It is a medium-large, long-legged, long-necked heron with a long pointed yellowish or greyish bill with a black tip. The legs and feet are dark.

Adults have a blue-grey head, neck, back and upper-wings, with a white line along the neck. The belly is white. In breeding plumage, they have long blue filamentous plumes on the head and neck, and buff ones on the back.

The tricolored heron stalks its prey in shallow or deeper water, often running as it does so. It eats fish, crustaceans, reptiles, and insect.

Text excerpt © Wikipedia – Photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


17 thoughts on “Tricolored Heron

    • Oh yes! If anyone has a pond with exotic fish in it and herons near by they have to take precautions or will lose them. If the pond is small they can use a black net over it. I’ve know people that lost hundreds of dollars worth of koi carps. To a heron. Thank Eily! Nice to hear from you! 🙂

      • We have lakes in our little town, that’s where the naughty Heron live! Getting over surgery and catching up with all my favourite WordPress friends 🙂

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