Birds of Australia – Book Review

Birds of Australia: A Photographic Guide By authors: Iain Campbell, Sam Woods and Nick Leseberg Photography by: Geoff Jones “Australia’s territory is very large and because of the size also possesses a great variety of geographic and meteorological differences such as climate, altitude, dryness, humid territories and thousands of miles of coastal areas, all these subjects are described at the beginning of the Photographic Guide and it is explained in a comprehensive language.

Click on image for extra information

Click on image for extra information

Having such ample territory also offers a great amount and diversity of habitats for birds. This guide displays 1100 photographs for 714 species of birds.The guide have been smartly layer out in the following way, on the left page is the name of the bird, a full color photo, the scientific name and size; these are accompanied by a small map of Australia showing locations where the bird can be found plus a fairly but comprehensive pertinent description of the referred species. The page on the right displays some more pictures of the birds, all in bright color and high quality sharpness. As a bird photographer myself, I was very impressed with the presentation and layout of this Photographic Guide. I believe that this guide would be a great asset to carry in your luggage for the next trip to Australia.” Book review by:  H.J. Ruiz -Avian101 on December15th, 2014

4 thoughts on “Birds of Australia – Book Review

    • Thanks Barbara! I think that book is excellent for someone interested to ID the birds that perhaps are visiting your gardens. 🙂

  1. I have two books on my shelves. “What Bird Is That?” is the old standby first published in 1931 and featuring coloured plates of bird paintings done by the author. I have a pocket field guide set too. Thanks for bringing this one to my notice.

    • I’m glad that my short review was of help, I think this guide book will satisfy any questions about ID of any Australian bird. Thank you Christine! 🙂

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