Here and There!

It’s Monday at noon, we’ve had several days of low temperature weather and last night apparently warmed enough to rain all night. Now that the rain has stopped it’s getting cold again.

Yesterday afternoon was windy and cold, the sky stayed gray all day. While I was doing some work at the computer, my wife came to tell me to look outside toward the deck…I did, there it was a female Cooper’s Hawk standing on the deck’s hand railing. The most beautiful that I’ve seen so far, she was big, her feathers were long and almost covering her legs and talons, the wind made the feathers to sway from side to side. I did not have my camera ready! I graved my binoculars and took a look through the window…what a beauty! She was looking around, then quickly drop to the other side of the deck, i grabbed my camera and attached the lens hoping to catch at least one shot if she was still walking on the grass. As soon as I was ready to take the first shot she flew off out of my reach…Rats!

Well, it was a lost opportunity but what I saw is embedded in my mind!

There are other birds not so shy that love to pose for me though so don’t worry, I got some pictures I shot here and there!

Text and photographs HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “Here and There!

  1. One bird I rarely see here in Lake County Illinois is the Tufted Titmouse! There aer some places in Illinois where they are everywhere. I have documented a pair nesting at Ryerson Woods in Lake County Illinois, but alas, so many years feeding birds in my backyard and still no titmouse!

    • It happens like that with other birds too but one day you’ll be surprised! By the way the T.T. love sunflower seeds dark and with shell.
      Thanks Sheryl for sharing! 🙂

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