Learning to Share

One good lesson that we could learn from birds, believe it or not is not complicated at all but we could use it to change our perspective of our lives if we wish to live in the World Society, in peace without greed, divisions, aggression and several other unbecoming behaviors, by learning how to share.

Birds in all their diversity of species, when it comes to feeding we can , very quickly realize that after trying attacking or simply acting as a bully with other species in order to get food, these acts and behavior will be proven futile!… then they opt for the other intelligent alternative, which is sharing! Thus all will survive, then afterward go on to their own ways.

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

12 thoughts on “Learning to Share

  1.  I ♥ this post H.J … and absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with your wise words so eloquently captured by your lens. Such gorgeous bird photographs to delight us with as well 🙂 Eily

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