Red October

October is the month of the year when most birds are leaving the frigid areas of the Country for their annual migration to southern territories. This is the month when Northern Cardinals usually stay put in my backyard not finding migration necessary. That’s a good reason for me to get a chance at observing  their feeding habits and other behaviors without having the interference of many other species around. My redwood deck where I keep feeders is visited by many Northern Cardinals… hence the title ‘Red October’ (If you where curious about it)

You can never get tired of seeing these gorgeous birds or shooting their pictures in any case.

The drop in temperature is beginning to reshape the background again, many cold affected plants and bushes are drying out and laying flat on the ground. Wild flowers are for the most wilted or in the process of wilting.

The grass still has a green hue but lighter, as the day pass by it will turn yellowish and become dormant until next Spring. This morning I wore a light jacket fist time since winter last year’s!

Next is a gallery of N. Cardinals I hope you’ll enjoy!

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


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