We had a nice sunny and pleasantly warm day and decided to go to a nice park and pond not very far from home. Of course I brought my camera with me just in case that we might find any ducks. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see any ducks at this time. Alas, I was wrong at my assumption because I found a  friendly bunch of ducks and geese which made my day even more delightful!. There were some species of ducks and geese spread around the pond.

While observing all the different groups of birds and through my camera lens,  I noticed that some of the birds were still molting at some degree, especially renewing their wings, this made me I recall from last year, seeing ducks showing their wing feathers sticking upwards, that was something that I hadn’t seen before. I continued looking at all the birds and found a female Domestic Goose with the wing feathers hanging out in both sides, almost ready to get detached. Once I got home I did some researching and found out about their way of molting their wing feathers. I was happy that I could quench my own curiosity from last year’s mystery.

See, you never know what new can bring you a simple visit outdoors to a pond.

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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