Last Week’s Visitors

Our weather has been a bit harsh this past week. The temperatures have been in the mid (90º’s), the humidity also high that makes hot day even worse being muggy. We also had storms,  one of them very large and furious, the other have been regular summer’s storms.

Here I have a gallery of birds, my visitors from last week!

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

15 thoughts on “Last Week’s Visitors

  1. Thanks, HJ! 🙂 Hope the weather’s better now… Nature can be pretty ruthless sometimes. The weather out here too is so extreme with no rains, humidity, terrible heat- in this concrete urban jungle with no flora and fauna within sight to refresh our souls and senses! You are lucky to be living in such a wonderful environment with all these beautiful creatures around you! God bless you and all your lovely neighborhood dwellers and visitors 🙂 ❤

    • That’s why I have a blog about birds, I want other people to enjoy what I enjoy!
      What you see is what you get, exactly the way I see it. I want to share my joy. Do not get frustrated, you’re a smart girl with many talents. You will get your opportunity to expand in the future. Thanks A. 🙂

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