Last Week’s Visitors

Here’s a gallery of birds that visited my backyard last week. The weather has been terribly hot and extremely humid. We are in need of some rain.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

22 thoughts on “Last Week’s Visitors

    • The only thing I’m lucky for is having such wonderful followers and readers that encourage me to do more and better myself. Thanks A.! 🙂 ❤

      • We all love you HJ, and I really am a great fan of yours and your work. Your posts are so beautifully pleasant, and they say a lot about you…. I thank ‘YOU’ very much. ❤

  1. Beautiful birds! I know they must be so grateful to you for providing them with food and water especially when it is so hot. If I send you some of my rain, would you send me some of your heat, please?

  2. A very nice selection, H.J! The goldfinch and male cardinal both look a little hot and sweaty. 🙂 (LOL, I know birds don’t sweat. 🙂 ) It will be cooling down before you know it!

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