Poems and Pix

Wait a Second!

One afternoon I was trimming some bushes in my backyard as I always do. It was a warm and humid day but I felt that perhaps doing the work under the shade of the trees would get a cool breeze and not be so warm. Suddenly, a small bird flies toward me and lands on my left shoulder. I was kind of surprised but I let the bird stay on my shoulder.

I thought it was extraordinary but not rare, too bad that I did not have my camera with me to take a photograph. I tried not to move much not to spook him. He was perched what it seemed comfortably, I smiled to myself! Then I hear a voice say – “Thank you!” I automatically responded with a “You’re welcome” then I turned around and… “Wait a second! Who said that?” The little bird got closer to my ear and said “Don’t worry it’s just me, I needed to say that to you”

“But you are not supposed to talk, your a bird!” My voice was reflecting traces of worry or perhaps confusion.

“Who says I’m talking”, said the bird and continued “Maybe it’s you that understand me, that’s not important now”.

“What do you want?” I was more confused than before because what’s happening now is just impossible.

The little bird said – “I wanted to say thanks for all you do and have done for us birds. We want you to know that although we never get the opportunity to thank the people that help us, today that is possible. There was a special little Goldfinch that crossed paths with you not long ago, he told us many things that you’ve done for the birds. We are very grateful for you have always cared for us. Hopefully other people will in time follow what you do and eventually help us thrive”. The little bird paused, I was digesting all what he had said.

“I understand you and I feel honored to hear your words, pardon me but… I’m still stunned by hearing you talk, it’s incredible!” I admitted my surprise and awe.

“You should know that this dialog is a unique happening that will not repeat ever again, the close relationship between you and us birds made this possible. No need for conversations, only actions”

– “HJ! HJ!” I heard another voice, this time it sounded familiar.

– ”HJ! Who’re you talking to?” It was my wife, standing a few steps from me looking at me with intriguing face.

“The most incredible thing has just happenned, this little bird on my shoulder just spoke to me!” She looked at me with another puzzled face.

“What bird are you talking about? I don’t see any bird on your shoulder, I was watching you for a minute before I called you but I saw you talking to yourself!” She sounded very sure of what she saw!.

“You know what?  Never mind, I’ve finished anyway!  It must be the hot sun that got to me”

I started to walk back toward the house, I shook my head. Then I heard wings flapping behind me and see the little bird flying away. I smiled.

——- 0 ——-

 Story and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


25 thoughts on “Poems and Pix

    • You do things right Tom, you have a lovely home, a loving wife and family, you have many close friends, you help your town and country. You do! If a bird never told you that now I just did. Thanks for caring about avians. 🙂

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