My Backyard

My post for today will be about giving an approximate description of my backyard, which is the place where most of my photo work happens. It is very simple and straight forward patio, deck, lawn and creek. I’ve made a cut section drawing to show what I mean.

Cut section showing levels.

Cut section showing levels.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary once you look at it. Through the years I’ve been observing the birds coming and going, I’ve gotten to the conclusion that the main magnet that attracts birds is the creek with basic but extremely important factors for birds of any kind. There are lines of trees, shrubs and bushes that offer the most for any kind of birds. Safe haven for nesting birds in form of pine trees, oaks, sycamores, sumacs and other species. Bushes of several kinds which some are berries bearing. The humid grounds next to the water stream is a great source of invertebrates for birds such as earth worms, grubs and a great number of insects.

My photography is done mainly with help of a tripod and a camera with a long zoom lens. It’s basically the only way that I’ve been able to achieve the photos that you’re familiar with by now.

I hope that my description has been of help for anybody wondering about my backyard.

Brown-headed Cowbird (M)

Brown-headed Cowbird (M)

Brown-headed Cowbird (M)

Brown-headed Cowbird (M)

Common Grackle (M)

Common Grackle (M)

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

30 thoughts on “My Backyard

  1. Having a creek so near is wonderful! With all those lovely natural perches, and great hiding places in the trees and bushes it’s a bird haven. Not having to travel farther than your own yard is a blessing! I have to do a good bit of travel if I want to see any kind of variety in my birding. You’re a lucky man!

  2. Awesome backyard view and you really are very, very lucky to be living here! It is nature nurtured to its fullest. Great ground for the awesome pictures that you take. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to visit your backyard!!!

  3. I really liked seeing your back yard, HJ. I liked the diagram and especially the photos. And how wonderful to have a creek there, I am sure it is a bird magnet (aside from your feeders!). You have made a beautiful sanctuary.

    • You’re most welcome John! I wish you return to your photography, you had accomplished so much! Come on, surprise me! 🙂

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