Juveniles and Summer Time

Despite the hot weather temperatures and high percentage of humidity, I get visitors to my feeders not as often as it was  during Spring.There’re some new members for the few families of birds that inhabit my backyard area. They are juveniles already on their own looking around to get a daily meal.

For this post I have photos of two birds, different species but I can estimate that are most likely equal in age. They’re young and full of life, still wet behind the ear as they say, however bird are fast learners. I love to observe how they acquire knowledge based on experience.

In the case of the Eastern Towhee, this bird is a juvenile with, with juvenile plumage, with a bit more age the plumage will turn to brown for females or black for males.

This bird is inexperienced yet and eats from a feeder something that adults don’t usually do, they prefer feeding on the ground. Why? I don’t know.

The other bird featured is a juvenile male Northern Cardinal. Notice that his plumage is not complete totally. He is not shy in comparison with the Towhee. He’s vocal and has more drive to get a meal even if he might get into a fight for it. They get more experience at the feeders at earlier time than the Towhee.

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “Juveniles and Summer Time

  1. Right now I only have House Finches, California Towhees, Bewick’s Wrens, and Anna’s Hummingbirds visiting my feeders. I am so envious of your visiting Cardinals! 🙂 I do enjoy seeing you post them!

    • The smallest birds are leaving our area because the weather temperature reaches over 90ºs but the rest are still around to delight us. Actually the Cardinals I get are locals, I have a bunch since I moved to Georgia, they nest in pine trees along a small creek in my backyard.
      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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