Poems and Pix

Lullaby to an Angel

I peek through the door set ajar in his room.

His head rests against the pillow, with his eyes shut

his rosy almost smiling face glow

with the dimmed light of a lamp

the night is quiet and warm, it is Summer.

His day was busy and filled of joyful moments,

he swam in the pool, run around the playground,

played games with his friends. His laughter is heard

all the time while playing.

Sleep little angel, sleep your dream where you can

fly around beautiful gardens teeming with

colorful flowers, humming bees and singing birds.

Sleep well, because you have to give us your

love tomorrow and a little of your breath so we

can live too, next to you.

Sleep in peace that we are here to

protect you and love you with all our heart.

Sleep my little angel…

Sleep my son.

Poem and photographs Ā© HJ Ruiz -Avian101

15 thoughts on “Poems and Pix

  1. oh what a touching poem by a loving and caring dad, thank you! mmm, I’m sure wonderful birds are flying in your son’s dreams šŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much dear Amalia I’m flattered by your nomination but with all respect I have to decline it, I do not accept awards for something that I do with all my sincere love. I do appreciate the fact that you thought I deserved an award. That for me is a greater award! šŸ™‚

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