Poems and Pix

Sand and Sea of Inspiration

I’m strolling on a sandy beach

looking at the horizon, it is early morning.

I can hear the sound of the waves tuned to the rhythm

of the tides.

I can see a group of sanderlings running in rapid pace,

back and forth,

trying to meet the ebbs of foamy seawater rushing in.

I can hear the seagulls busy in vociferous conversation

in a language that I can’t understand.

I can see small crabs exit their furrows in the sand and

begin a crazy mob, gesticulating with their pincers as if proclaiming a new imaginary revolution.

I can see three large pelicans flying high in formation

just like flying fortresses ready to unleash doom and destruction.

I can smell the ocean.

I can taste the salty flavor of the ocean kissing my lips.

I can clearly feel the reality turning this venue into fantastic images

which maybe exist only in dreams and now are permeating my

already awed mind…

I just wanted to share this moment with you!

Poem and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

21 thoughts on “Poems and Pix

  1. The carousel of tiny birds is as appealing as always, HJ! – it could not be other. But ! – your delightful seaside walk poem … wouldn’t you have taken some shots there ?

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