Poems and Pix

Wandering Bird

Not far away from where I stand there is an Oak tree. This tree is always ready with open arms to welcome the visit of a wandering bird.

Is this bird coming back to his original home?

Happy are the moments of reunion. Sweet encounter.

Filled with tender love, bursts of gratitude and natural sentiment.

The musical notes sang by the bird permeate the air with excitement and deep delight. Enchanted experience to dearly remember.

To meet a loved soul can be as sweet as honey made from the aromatic nectar of beautiful flowers.

Why can’t we enjoy the same dream of love and sentiment?

What force in the universe can impede a love so strong that will never cede or cease to exist?

Is there such love, is there such connection of two souls?

Will I ever emulate that bird?

Poem and photographs Β© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

24 thoughts on “Poems and Pix

  1. Wonderful post! Thank you so much.
    “What force in the universe can impede a love so strong that will never cede or cease to exist?”
    Essential question! And I think the answer is included in it… maybe love, love Itself!
    Thanks for sharing – you know yesterday I saw a little dead chicakadee on my way to work, it inspired me “Dead birds”. I’m glad you liked, because you & Beth you are may two very dear birds and nature lovers, and your blogs are a very important spring of inspiration for me. Thanks and take care! Amicalement; FrΓ©dΓ©ric

    • First of all, thank you Frederic! For your confidence and for being a caring person, the dead chickadee fulfilled his destiny however, still made you notice him and even write a poem about him. You cared enough to not overlook a reality. Beth is a special soul. I’m honored to meet your acquaintance. Let’s keep in touch! πŸ™‚

  2. Not only does the female not have the same plumage as the male brown-headed cowbird, but she’s even a different SHAPE !
    That is a very touching poem, HJ.
    I missed you yesterday: you must have been too busy.

    • I went to drop my big screen TV to be repaired and went shopping for seeds and gardening stuff. But then I sat at the computer for long time working on my photos, organizing my photos for future blogging etc. But I was here most of the time. How much did you miss me M-R? lil’ bit?

      • I did, I did ! – I wondered what was going on, and why I didn’t see you in my list, because I always look for you first. Something weird happened: I didn’t see either of your posts. Don’t understand. Now I’ll go and see what I missed here …

  3. I’m delighted to be introduced to species I haven’t seen before. Have heard of Mocking birds for so long but had no idea what they look like, so thank you! Lovely poem too! πŸ™‚

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