Hungry Birds!

While I was writing one post yesterday I had a moment of lucid mind… just for a second 🙂 !, I was trying to figure out the increase of feed consumption and also why certain birds are so eager to fill their *crop with such desperation.

* (Bag that holds their food temporarily), the function of this bag is:

  • – For safety:  A bird’s digestion is very slow because the weak acidic process in their digestive system, Nature provided the bird with a sack at the end of its esophagus to hold the food just ingested, once there will be held temporarily, until the bird considers it’s safe to wait for the slow process of digestion, away from predators.
  • – When the bird fills its crop and then later regurgitate the content  for the purpose of feeding their hatchlings or fledglings.

Note: There are some birds that do not have the crop, their PH level is much higher, others eat vertebrates, forage in large prey.

My conclusion was that most birds do not pig-out entirely for themselves with abandonment, these noble birds feed their chicks also, I also believe that soon after, these will be waned at due time to get the food on their own.

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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