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The fact that I post on two blogs daily, sometimes gets a bit hectic because other matters that I have to do. Photography also involves time so does the processing of what I shot. All these is supposedly to be done on my free time. I’ve been managing very well for a few years already, besides, I’m a dedicated worker that is used to keep busy at all times. It happens that sometimes there’s not enough time to write a story to go with the photos I post on my blog.

I do not write about other people or family stuff as a rule. I want it to be mostly about birds but with a bit of a twist about other matters in order to make it a tad more interesting.

– “The other day I was in the kitchen looking at the birds through the window when suddenly one of the birds flew straight at me and hit the window! It wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen a bird hit a glass door or window pane but this time it came straight at me. I went outside quickly and found the bird on the ground not moving at all, I picked it up and examined her (it was a female cowbird) she wasn’t hurt or bleeding nor any of her limbs was broken. I thought that the poor bird was killed when it hit the window because the lack of movement.

Of a sudden the bird just moved and began to struggle in my cupped hand! I opened my hand immediately and there she stood up for a second took a good peck at my finger and flew away!”

True story, she was most likely knocked out by hitting the window and awoke in my hand and got scared. Then she pecked my finger as a defensive reaction.

“People reacts funny sometimes when you try to help them and snap at you instead of saying thank you. Has it ever happened to you?”


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

22 thoughts on “Blog Block

  1. Beautiful photos. Hoping to see a Carolina Wren soon, I’ve been hearing them but they’ve been hiding. …Probably nothing feistier than a female cowbird! 🙂

  2. Lovely photos – when aren’t they lovely! You are right about some peoples’ reaction when you help them. I think it is embarrassment, surprise too and, if they have been hurt in an accident, shock as well – just like your cowbird.

  3. When we lived in a house that my husband built on Dangar Island, we had terrible problems with the rainbow lorikeets flying into the glass frontage (we’d never thought of that for a second !): they fly so fast that they always knocked themselves out. I’m awfully glad I wasn’t at home in those days, as I was working full-time; for I would’ve spent most of my time in tears !

    • Did you know that in big cities with tall buildings the amount of bird casualties is tremendous. They hit windows because they reflect the sky as mirrors or get blinded by the sun reflection.
      M-R, don’t miss my post tomorrow, is going to be interesting! 🙂

  4. I would love to know your trick to taking a good Chickadee photo, H.J.! I suppose it’s patience and a very fast shutter speed. 🙂 I was going to say I love the male cardinal but then realized that I enjoyed all these photos and can’t really choose a favorite!

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