Birds of Kenya’s Rift Valley – Book Review

The new book Birds of Kenya’s Rift Valley by author Adam Scott Kennedy will be published by Princeton University Press on May 21st, 2014.

This book also includes birds from Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, Mount Longonot and Hell’sGate.

“I’m familiar with the name Adam Scott Kennedy because I’ve reviewed other fantastic guides published by this author previously. This new guide is a must have for the traveler, birder, photographer or any person wanting to see the magnificence of the Kenyan’s

k10224beautiful birds in person and be able to identify them quickly. With 320 species covered on 500 colorful photographs, detailed descriptions of each bird. Their habitat and environment are clearly defined in a comprehensive language, it offers accessible information to get prompt help identifying any of the 320 species covered on this guide. The format size and designed layout are simple and easy to the eye. This is a compact guide made to be carried in your photo bag or backpack!”

Sample copy (PDF) 

This review was written by H.J. Ruiz – – May 7th, 2014.

6 thoughts on “Birds of Kenya’s Rift Valley – Book Review

  1. Unfortunately Lake Bogoria won’t have the birds unless somebody drains it… This reawakens me to all the pictures I haven’t finished yet. 🙂

    • Keep in mind that the headers change at random, that hummingbird is the Ruby throated and they have been visiting my backyard for the past 3 or four years! I’ll post some pictures of them soon just for you! OK? 🙂

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