Special Meal

I was up early to see what birds might show up, you never know what bird may decide to stop by and pay me a visit. I had all feeders refilled with seeds then I proceeded to take my post for another photo session. Waited for a short while and not a single bird went to the feeders contrary to what happen every day, as soon as I’m finished  refilling the feeders a mob of birds is there in a minute. I noticed the difference immediately.

“Why is this morning different than all other mornings?” Surely must be a good reason for birds not being there. And I got the answer a couple of minutes later! A Cooper’s Hawk is quietly flying low all along my backyard passing over my deck and then disappearing among the trees. I didn’t want that Hawk terrorizing my hungry birds. I yelled at him with authority!

“Let my birds go!”

I usually do not interfere with the natural life rules but I had to morally say something because my birds were vulnerable and hungry.

When I went to Home Depot days before I  bought a new clay dish that I placed on the deck as an extra feeder. My idea was to treat my birds with extra meals.

Once the place was safe from danger,  birds began to fly in from every direction. Who knows! They might decide to remember this day for the rest of their lives!

“Next year in Hiram with HJ!”

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz- Avian101

10 thoughts on “Special Meal

  1. I once ran outside in my morning housecoat to whomp a hawk with a broom in order to free a Blue Jay. Since then the Jays will yell ‘Murder!’ when a hawk appears and count on me to intercede. 😉

    • There’s a lot of fun to see the birds but they’re constantly in danger from predators. It’s a natural behavior but one gets a bit attached sometimes!
      Thank you for sharing and thank you for saving the Blue Jay! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this post! As a fellow bird lover I talk to the birds too and shout at predators. A few years ago I saw a sparrow hawk attack a collared dove in my garden and I couldn’t do anything about it. The hawk wasn’t much bigger than the dove and the dove was fighting back but in the end it lost poor thing. I was very upset by that!

    • Those instances are sad but also part of the natural laws of the wilderness. I usually do not interfere with that. The time I did was on my post as a special time were birds were too vulnerable and hungry. I didn’t seem fair to me. Thanks Clare for sharing! 🙂

  3. I always feel a bit guilty when a hawk gets a song bird at my feeders, as if I lured the poor thing to its death. There have been times when the sharp-shinned has taken a seat in a branch above my feeders and I go out and yell at it to scare it away. Of course, almost all hawks are protected, so yelling is about our only recourse.

    • That’s all you can do, yell or make a loud noise. Just to interrupt what’s about to happen. Another alternative is turn around and walk away, you don’t want to witness that scene. Thanks for sharing Amy!

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