A Piece of Sky

Soon after my breakfast and right after my daily ‘feed the birds’ routine. I grabbed my camera gear and against all odds with the strong sunlight in front of my eyes I decided to venture for a photo session.

Birds were busy coming and going but I found not much of the mood I needed for my taste. I didn’t want to shoot much because it would have been a waste, the sun light was to strong and that meant harsher shadows, these conditions most likely trick the light meter in the camera and create a weird photo. Nothing extraordinary was happening, I was there for a while trying different angles for “just in case” shots. I really thought that wasn’t the right conditions for photos and I decided to wrap it up, maybe I’d try later in the afternoon.

As soon as I was separating the camera from the long lens… A small bird flies in like a blue dart  fast and steady I saw it and made my heart jump! As soon as it sat on a small branch I knew it was non other than an Indigo Bunting. I put everything back in place and started shooting like a mad man!

The little bird was a perfect jewel to my eyes, it was a while that I didn’t see one. He was there not being bothered, he ate with no fear and I was delighted, elated no end.

“A piece of blue sky had fallen in my backyard and right in front of my eyes I witnessed something wonderful,  that piece of blue sky has taken life and metamorphosed into a delicate bird, it had a moon crescent for a bill and pieces of night in his wings. In his eyes I saw shining stars looking for me. Where are you? Where are you? he sang.”


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

33 thoughts on “A Piece of Sky

  1. What a sight. Indigo buntings are sooooo incredible beautiful. I’ve seen few in my life, and only as they darted from tree to tree or flew quickly across a road. For one to come to you feeder – wow! Lucky day, and beautiful photos!

  2. He is indeed a gorgeous little creature, HJ. But I’ve seen one in your shots before: I didn’t realize he was so special to you. Where does the quote come from …?

      • I’m a man of many hats! We all were given a mind, what to do with it is up to each of us!
        I’m glad that you liked it. Other people haven’t noticed. Thank you M-R! You made my day! 🙂

  3. HJ, I wanted to hit the “like” bottom numerous times! 🙂 I can understand your excitement, what a gorgeous bird, and you gave it a beautiful photo session for us to enjoy. And now we find out your a poet too. Awesome!!

  4. Gorgeous! What a blessing to have one come for a visit. You did him great justice with your lovely photos. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We see them from time to time but they are very difficult to photograph. Truly eye candy!

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