It Felt so Good!

On Friday I got my mower gassed up and couldn’t wait any longer so I went out to my backyard and mowed the lower part of the small creek. There’s grass in between the trees, the ones I trimmed the lower branches the day before. I did about three hours of non stop work, it felt especially good because it was sunny but soothing cool for doing any kind of work. I finished the job and I didn’t feel tired at all!

For my next chorus I have in mind trim some or maybe all the tall grass that I have growing on the slope that leads to the bottom of the creek.

If you have noticed, my photos have a blurry golden background or yellowish bokeh, that color effect is created by the tall grass that is dormant now. I will eventually mow that slope once it gets green again.

I did shot a good number of pictures, included are some of a Dark-eyed Junco! I haven’t seen one in near five years. I was happy about it. That’s one thing about photographing birds, the fact that you never know what species are you going to find for shooting day.

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


13 thoughts on “It Felt so Good!

  1. HJ, I notice there is a preponderance of small birds around your place – all of which are quite delightful ! – but I am interested to know if there are any larger birds, as well …?

    • The largest bird I had in my backyard was a Turkey Vulture and next would be the Red-shouldered Hawk and the Cooper’s Hawks. The rest are medium size and small. 🙂

  2. Love your bokeh! 🙂 I only know what that means thanks to Texas Tweeties! 🙂 So glad you got to do some yard work and be outside. That must have felt so good!! We are still awaiting our warm-up. Cold temps are supposed to linger through Saturday here. Hope you get to enjoy plenty of sunshine this week.

      • Yes! We could reach 60 on Monday. It always is a bit amusing to me how in the fall, 40’s or 50 sounds cold but in the spring 50 sounds so warm! 🙂 In the fall I can’t wait to start wearing my hoodies and polar fleece, then come March I don’t want to even look at those things anymore!

    • Sharifah, I had made a mistake, the correct name of the bird is Dark-eyed Junco (I edited your comment too) I’m sorry. I’m glad that you know the bird’s name now. 🙂

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