Planning Ahead

Temperature is 64º F as I write this blog 1:00 pm. It’s sunny and pleasantly warm, I spent some time shooting some pictures in my backyard and planning of what to do about my bird feeders and what will be the best angles to get a great background color and bokeh. All those factors are important in order to get a good photo. You must always remember that all these happen in my backyard. So I do plan and prepare for all my shots believe it or not.

I’ve just discovered that my garden hose is shot and beyond repair, I was cleaning up my deck and flower pots and I wanted to pressure wash it and my hose connector from the housing busted and water just wastes away. I need a new one now! Oh…C’est la vie!

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101 

12 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

    • Kind of…On Wed. afternoon a new server will be installed and I will cancel the previous one. I’m managing to upload meanwhile. Thanks Dave! 🙂

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