Important Note

This is to let know that I’m going through a tough time with my server provider. I’m using a wi-fi signal from the street, weak but strong enough to write this note.

My Internet provider is ATT and hasn’t been able to restore service since last Friday night. I’ve been on the phone with them trying to solve my problem with no solution, yesterday they blamed an unreported area disfunction that they will have to repair, promised to have done and working for yesterday at 5pm. They did not fix the problem and today I spoke to a different server that will be providing me their service within 72 hours or less if they can. I’m so disappointed with ATT that I will cancel their services for Internet service and telephone service also. I will send them a formal complaint letter as soon as I’m connected again!

I just ask you to be patient and I’ll be posting normally ASAP. Thank you!

H.J. Ruiz

Last Minute News:

I will be resuming my blogging tomorrow Tuesday 25th, 2014 πŸ™‚

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