Short Visits Only

A not so frequent visitor of my backyard is the Eastern Phoebe, usually at the beginning of Spring. This bird rarely stay for many days only one or two, and then moves on, fortunately long enough for me to shoot some pictures.

This bird is small bird but his head apparently looks big but it’s because his puffy crest. His head, back and tail are dark gray or black and sometimes a bit brownish in color. His breast and under-parts are white or dirty white.

They eat mostly insects and casually some fruits. I always hope they stay longer to learn more of them and get more pictures.

Next, I have some photos of the Eastern Phoebe for you. Enjoy!

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

6 thoughts on “Short Visits Only

  1. I cannot belieive it, she is my dearest of friends!. She holds a very special place in my heart, because when we moved she was the first one to appear, nesting by the window in a liitle pretty cup nest. Feeding on the wing, she delighted me every day. Adorable face and wagging tail, her acrobatics brought new life to an otherwise large and quiet wooded garden devoid of birds and squirrels.

    She and her family stayed year long, swarms of mosquitoes, flies and other insects made her took residence. She is migratory, but is still here after a whole year round, much to my delight.

    Because part of the woods were cleared time ago to make a wheat field, this seems to have disrupted the woodland bird habitat. Then, when I set up the birdfeeders, many others came. Still today, the lovely Eastern Phoebe perches atop the feeders on the hunt for insects while my other little friends feed on seeds below her.

    Your pictures are delightful, bringing all the sweetness and beauty of this beloved creature, who performs a very needed service 🙂

    • It’s ok if they don’t stay as long as they stop by for a little while. I’ve seen these birds in others places though. Thanks Carmen! 🙂

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