VIBA – (Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

I feel honored that my friend Amy has nominated my blog for the VIBA (Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

“I know that many bloggers avoid going through the task of naming 7 things that people don’t know about yourself, also the list of 5 links for blogs that you may recommend.

Listen friends, this is not the Oscars Academy Award nor will make you rich and famous!. However, it helps other bloggers to get motivation and advance their talents. Why not for simply giving a bit of merit for their time and good will to write a post or display a photo.

There are bloggers like myself that put a lot of my effort and time to anything that I put my mind to do. For no profit at all! When someone across the world writes a kind comment or asks a question about my post is my reward. I imagine that there must be many people that have the same opinion of what blogging is all about.”

This is the list of 7 things you don’t know about me:

1 – My wife Lucy and I live in Georgia with our grandson Tyler, he just turned 2 years old, he’s been with us since shortly after birth. We are raising him.

2 – I do count birds only when I shot their photo. Not when I just saw them.

3 – I’m also an artist, mostly oil painting and drawings.

4 – I love to drive and visit places, even when out of the USA.

5 – I’ve been a founder member of a Chabad Synagogue in New Jersey.

6 – My wife and I were caught in a hail and rainstorm on top of Masada in Israel and later got stranded.

7 – When I was a kid I while in an Air Show I saw an Air Force Jet crash near the field.

This is the list of Blogs I nominate for VIBA, based on their merits:

1My Mind by Beedie

2musicbirdblog by Lisa Rest

3David R Wetzel Photography by David Wetzel

4Nature’s Hues by John Jeevaratnam

5Local Exploration by Derrick Eidam

Do not feel obligated to accept this award, I will respect your opinion and continue to appreciate all your efforts as a Blogger. Thank You!

H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101