Northern Mockingbird

The Northern Mockingbird is a strong bird with a great ability to imitate other bird’s songs and calls.

I admire them not for that ability so much as for being bold and protective of what they perceive as their possessions.

The Northern Mockingbird usually establishes a territory and everything that is contained within a determined radius they are to protect and keep safe. I always name them as the “guardians”. I’ve seen them chase birds larger than themselves if they got in their territory.

Usually they perch on a high point such a high tree top, pole, roof top etc. From that point they keep an eye on what’s going on in his zone. I suspect that they are the ones that set the alarm when a Hawk is lurking around too close.

Text and photographs are © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

9 thoughts on “Northern Mockingbird

    • Thanks for your comment William! The N. Mockingbirds are very popular and abundant in USA, Blackbirds are the most numerous, starlings being birds brought from Europe have proliferated to very large numbers!

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