The Crossley ID GUIDE – Book Review

Just a few days ago I received the book “The Crossley ID GUIDE” – Eastern Birds written by Richard Crossley.

“Richard Crossley, the author has put in use his field savvy, years of experience birding and photographing knowhow when he structured the contents of his ID Guide. He’s included a whopping 10,000 images of 660 species of birds! He’s managed to create a close to reality way of seeing birds of the same specie in different positions, stages of maturity and genders all on the same plate which by the way are wonderfully done in great colors as well as neat sharpness. This ID Guide is the “mother lode” of bird images, great reference help for any birder in ways of  brief but concise information such as size comparison, colors, shape, plumage, gender and geographic habitats of all species displayed. I like Richard’s simple philosophy, being a doer and getting his hands dirty, to get closely involved with what you try to do. Indeed, he did get the job done. The Crossley ID GUIDE is a winner!”

 Review made by H.J. Ruiz – “My Backyard Visitors”

Take a peek at one sample image out of hundreds displayed in this guide and what the plates look like. Amazing!

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