“I’ve been very absorbed into reading lately. I got the latest book written by Mike Unwin: “THE ATLAS OF BIRDS”Diversity, behavior and conservation.

The Atlas of Birds

Mike has taken a very smart approach to bird’s life and has compiled important data, birds facts and statistics to put avians on a different perspective. A lot of information cleverly organized.I for one was delighted to find a great deal of important data that will help me plan my next trip as well as stats on conservation, best locations where to find spots with more density of birds habitats.This book displays few images but they are carefully picked to be very relevant to the information being conveyed.He’s very accurate when describes birds being direct descendants of dinosaurs that ruled the Earth for millions of years, now they they boast a 10,000 different species surpassing every other vertebrate species! I liked this book because of the fresh up to date no nonsense information, based on reality, numbers and statistics, it has good photos also. I recommend it, you should add it to your home library”

Review made by H.J. Ruiz – Avian101 – “My Backyard Visitors”

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