Racket-Tailed Roller

Racket-tailed Roller

Racket-tailed Roller – Spec. Name: Coracias Spatulatus

The Racket-tailed Roller is a bird about the same size as a starling. The height of the Racket-tailed Roller is about 30 cms and its weight is about 100 gms

The male and female Racket-tailed Roller are similar in size and shape.

Head is green and brown, their bills are black, eyes are brown. Blueish throat and greenish back, legs are light gray.

The Racket-tailed Roller feeds on the ground, mostly invertebrates.

The Racket-tailed Roller is monogamous, however, in case of a partner dying it will seek out a new mate.

They nest in a hole or burrow in a tree. Their eggs are white and lay two or three.The Racket-tailed Roller live in woodlands and do not seek to form flocks or birds communities. They are solitary kind of birds.

Photographs are © H.J. Ruiz – “My Backyard Visitors”

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