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Got another email from our friend Jessica from Princeton Press:


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing with a few bits of bird book news:

We have started a separate twitter account for The Crossley ID Guide series. You can follow Richard and the book on Twitter at CrossleyIDGuide. Next week, we will give away a copy of the first poster for the book to one of our lucky followers on Twitter. These posters were popular at Rio Grande so we are almost out of stock. This is a great chance to win a free copy of this first poster design. We are just about ready to go to press with the next poster design so that will also be a future giveaway.


In further Crossley news, the first video installment of a series called Crossley Unplugged is now available on our Web site. We will post numerous videos in the coming months that provides practical advice about birding and hints to improve your ID skills.

Lastly, the annual ritual of holiday gift buying and receiving is upon us. The Montreal Gazette gives great props to the Princeton birding book program in this holiday round up. ( If you have your own bird book round-up (holiday gifts or best of the year), let me know if you need review copies. As always, I am happy to send them along. We’ve had a stellar year publishing Birds of Peru by Schulenberg et al, Birds of Europe by Svensson et al, Nightjars by Cleere, Parrots by Forshaw, and a host of other titles that would all make excellent gifts for birders.



Ps – have you checked out Princeton Global Science? This new blog features original articles and features from Princeton University Press’s diverse science and natural history list and our science editors.

Jessica Pellien

Assistant Publicity Director

ePublicity Media Manager



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