Here Birdie! Photo Gallery

C. Grackle – “I’m keeping an eye on YOU!”

H. Finch (J) – ” You can call me brat but don’t call me devil!”

Blue Jays – “The Blue Brothers”

C. Chickadee – Shhh…Don’t wake him up!

E. Starling – “Just what we need… more dang rain!”

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

What’s Up? – Less Rain – More Heat

Less Rain, More Heat…

We are having less rain but more  days of hot weather. The sun burns for many hours of the day, sometimes it’s 9:30 pm and it’s daylight.

The more sun, the lesser amount of birds on sight. However, the feeders  get empty in a shorter time and the consumption has  increased to almost double. The rains that we had have damaged parts of our lawns due to excess water that saturates the ground and part of the good top soil has washed out. 

Now that Tyler (8) is out of School on Summer recess. He’s got a busy schedule for many activities. He’s is doing well with the swimming lessons previously and this time he’ll be training for competition, they see a potential  swimmer to represent his level. He also signed in the Library to read a number of books and see if he could win a prize of tickets to go to a trip to the Atlanta Zoo. In July he will attend to a daily camp for two weeks. He’ll be very busy there for sure. He will go for one week to learn advanced lessons of reading by a local College. And all kinds of invitations for birthdays parties. Let’s not forget going to our Community Pool etc. All what I mentioned will give you and idea of how everything runs in this humble house of birds.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101