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Let me take this opportunity to say a few words for the holiday of Thanksgiving. 

Blessed be you and your family, celebrating this important tradition. May your day be one filled with love and gratitude to the Almighty and for the continuity of our future to enjoy peace and prosperity, for our Country and extend it to the whole world!” – H.J

Reddish Egret

Reddish Egret

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

Birds of Botswana – Book Review

Birds of Botswana

By authors: Peter Hancock & Ingrid Weiersbye

Book Review:


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“This field guide is a must have for any bird watchers or bird photographers on their way to a Botswana vacation or assignment. Even if you have already been there and need to ID or verify the birds that you have photographed this guide would make things simple . The list of birds described and illustrated in this book comes to 597 species.

Botswana is a large country in the south of the African continent. The authors have explored and mapped the species by areas where they breed, locations where can be easily found. Each bird is described with accuracy and easy to comprehend language. The colorful illustrations are absolutely rendered to be perfect visual help to the accompanying information. Illustrations also show the differences for sexual dimorphic birds and differences while at young age. The total amount of illustrations is 1200. Using this field guide will simplify your birder trip or your photography hunt a great deal because you will be able to ID the birds a lot sooner. This guide is published by Princeton University Publishing.”

Review by: H.J. Ruiz – – November 25th. 2015

Look Outside my Window!

Memo:The past few days the News has been plagued with reports about the tragic events that transpired from the horrible violence occurred in France and other countries. These barbaric crimes are the epitome of cowardly actions, beyond comprehension. There is not an iota of sane reason to excuse or explain the killing of innocent people. The lack of respect for human lives and decadence of human behavior is bothering me. How far will we have to go and at what price in order to reach total sanity? – H.J.

By the way, welcome to my window, today we’ll start with that handsome Carolina Chickadee, there on the left of the deck, perched on one of the chair’s arms. This little fellow has a busy life, he has to gather plenty of food supplies and store them in a hidden safe place. The supplies are for the next Winter and should be enough to get through the colder times when it’s usually more difficult to find their meals.L-091

Look at the bird sitting on a top branch… there! It’s an European Starling, he looks kind of sad, maybe he misses the rest of his friend starlings. They usually band together! If he’s part of the new generation hatched locally, he might be undecided about going for migration to the south. If he wants to stay is okay with me!L-092

Can you hear what I hear? That loud call you perceive coming from back there, resounding everywhere is a Carolina Wren, his powerful tenor voice carries to a far distance, however, do you want to see the bird? He is there on the deck’s hand railing, surprised? The effect of his voice traveling to a large area is unbelievable!L-093

Note: Look there to your right! See that male House Finch? He’s most likely frustrated with the bothersome rain. I can bet you that he’s as frustrated as I am. I understand that rain is necessary but too much of it …yuck!L-094

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101