Planning Ahead

Thanks to the few rain days that we had, our plants are greener and are growing leaves  at a faster rate now. I can see more flowers showing their beautiful petals here and there, it really looks like Spring! My lawn’s not green yet, it has a green tint only but I know that once it gets totally green then will grow like crazy, and that’s my cue, for keeping  the landscaping looking good is my heavy work.

Lately, I’ve been searching for new bird hot spots on the internet,  they’re  many in the State of Florida and there’s  one that is located in Alabama, for this one  I’m tempted to take a 6 hour drive and check it out! I heard that is a good place for photography in general and has a bird preservation park.

Part of my other plans is another visit  to Florida, possibly September, there some more locations I’ll like to check, I couldn’t do it during my last trip.

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101