And the Weather is…

This past week we had the weirdest weather, from hot days over 80º F too hot and humid to be working outdoors, to a day with strong winds that blew off lots of leaves and patio furniture!. That wind we had also brought heavy storms that dumped several inches of rain and created floods and fallen trees. It rained for 2 days in a row to later change to sunshine and warm days again. Didn’t last long and we had a drop of almost 40ºF changing to dry wintery mornings and pleasant afternoons. You figure it!

Now more leaves are changing colors with the help of cooler weather for some trees and other trees have been stripped of their leaves by the strong winds and rain.

I’ve been busy trimming some of the bushes that were ruined by the rainstorm but I still have some more work to do in order to finish it.

Bird activity at the feeders have been done mainly by Brown-headed Cowbirds which show up from time to time in flocks and feed themselves as much as cows (It’s that why the name…?) :)

Well, here are some pictures for you. Enjoy!

†ext and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101