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Nature, Rain and I

The sky filled with clouds once again, a storm is on its way

I only think about the busy crowd of birds that come here to feed

I know that rain is necessary for many and for that, I pray.

Don’t forget that rain quenches the thirst of the ones who need.

The first drops begin to fall and intensify soon after

most of the seeds will get wet, but who cares? I can get more!

It’s raining very hard now, the water is running faster,

sometimes the abundance of rain create floods that I deplore!

Let’s not get excited and try to be positive  

Rain is good for everyone!… one way or another

There’s no point on procrastinating inclusive

we shouldn’t try to think or even bother!

Nature is right all the time!

—- o —-

Poem and photographs © Hj Ruiz – Avian101